I am the CEO of Legacy Interactive/Legacy Games, founded in 1998.

Since graduate school, I have been interested in concepts such as attention, memory, problem solving and constructivist theories of learning, and how these relate to the design of interactive experiences for kids, families, and professionals. Over the years, this fascination has taken many forms, from my first titles for The Learning Company and Walt Disney, to Legacy’s many educational simulations (including paramedic training apps), to our four Crayola creativity and game apps.

Along the way, Legacy has achieved numerous “firsts” in our goal of making great interactive products. Our Emergency Room and Pet Vet simulations allowed anyone to play doctor, and ushered in medical games of all types. We created the first game based on a TV drama, Law & Order, which led the way for many subsequent TV adventure games. We were pioneers in successfully integrating some amazing licenses into hidden object, match3, and endless runner games, including Murder, She Wrote, Criminal Minds, Tarzan, and many more.

What animates me now, with Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies evolving at a rapid rate, is the potential to create entirely new experiences that bridge the real and virtual worlds in unique and wonderful ways. Legacy has been busy incorporating promising new technologies into our recent products (e.g., gesture based computing, image capture, 3D printing, way finding, and augmented reality.) Our goal now is to take this “know how” and become a leader in the design and development of Augmented Reality games, for both fun and learning.

My husband, David, and I have four children – Eli, Jonah, Rachel, Leah – who make us proud every day…don’t get me started.  I live in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, tucked away among the best tasting heirloom avocado and orange trees in the world.

My undergraduate degree is in Psychology, from UCLA, and I have a PhD. in Cognitive Psychology from Claremont Graduate University.

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In addition to this blog, I also manage two groups about AR/VR and education/training.

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You can reach me at ariella@legacygames.com.