A Building Year at Legacy Games

I know what you’re thinking. Not another year-end summary! Yes, it’s true, but I promise to make it quick, and per usual, It’s not all rosy for those of you who enjoy a little schadenfreude.

So let’s start with the negative.

1. As a company, our gross revenues were up, but our profits were down. Despite the fact that we are a 23-year-old company, this year, my first full year back as CEO after a 3 year absence, feels like start up time. We’ve invested in our website, new products, and new platforms, and it’s hit the bottom line.

2. Legacy’s push into indie games, so far, has been a bust. Most of our wonderful customers on the Legacy Games website seem not to be interested in indie games and have voted with their pocket book. It’s clear that if we expect to be successful with games other than hidden object and match 3, we need to find new customers. Moreover, it is increasingly difficult to source new high quality hidden object games on PC, creating a sense of urgency.

Now the positive.

1. The small but very talented Legacy team created an awesome ecommerce website and game launcher desktop app, all with WooCommerce, WordPress and assorted plug ins, something that simply wasn’t technically possible a few years ago. The sales this year on our website went from basically zero to almost 500 units per month.

2. We signed 29 new developers/publishers in 2022, and launched 41 new compilation packs on our website.

3. This Christmas we have 20 products in-store at Walmart, the most ever!

5. We just launched our first mobile game, Pearls of Atlantis, in 4 years!

We’ve made some very strategic product investments this year that will hopefully bear fruit in 2022. We’re both doubling down on our strengths as a company as well as reaching for the stars. It’s somewhat surprising that, after 35+ years in the games business, I continue to get excited about new products, new platforms, new opportunities. I am grateful to still enjoy what we do at Legacy Games – finding new and better ways to entertain our customers.

May you, your friends and family stay healthy and safe this holiday season. I hope you use the holiday break to spend time with your loved ones and recharge your batteries. And thanks for being part of the 23-year story of Legacy Games.