A New Legacy

Have you visited LegacyGames.com lately? You will notice many changes! Gone are our 200+ downloadable games, retail bundles, Facebook integration, etc.

While bittersweet to take down all of the PC games that Legacy has created over the past five years, including my personal favorites Murder, She Wrote and Criminal Minds, it was time. It’s not a secret that downloadable hidden object games are no longer in vogue. What was once a booming business is no longer viable. Trends come and go rather quickly in the video game industry, and you either “pivot” or die.

So…we embarked on a rebranding of Legacy a few months ago, to more accurately represent our current business focus.

The “new and improved” Legacy Games website reflects our passion for invention, human-centered design, and product solutions that both exploit and promote new technologies. Our Crayola Color Blaster augmented reality game has been a magical project for us, one that’s opened many doors in terms of new business opportunities. Building on that experience, we are now busily creating new AR/Tango apps as well as an audio-only game utilizing Amazon’s Echo.

And while we no longer offer PC games on our website, you can still find retail boxes with Legacy’s hidden object games at Walmart stores. See below for the latest disc compilations hitting retail shelves this week.

So not everything is new! Check out Legacy Games if you get a chance, and let me know what you think!