A Career Highpoint – Crayola Color Blaster Launches Today!

untitled-1When you’ve been doing the same thing for as long as I have, 30+ years, you have many career highs and lows. For example:

Highs:  Emergency Room, Law & Order, Murder, She Wrote, Crayola DJ games

Lows: Great Recession/losing our credit line, missing mobile, Twilight Zone

As you might imagine, each of those examples have stories attached, some of them painful. My point is that it is unrealistic to expect one’s career to just go up; my personal trajectory has been anything but.

That’s what makes today so sweet. Legacy’s latest game, Crayola Color Blaster, is launching in the Google Play Store. It was developed as part of the Google App Incubator Project; I can’t say enough good things about the support we received from Google. The app is specifically designed for Tango-enabled Android smart phones, like this Phab 2 Pro from Lenovo.


Designing a game for a new hardware platform, with innovative 3D depth sensing technology, is incredibly challenging. The interface, i.e., a “magic window” into the world, is completely unknown to consumers. Even more daunting, we had no idea what was actually fun. The game design, originally conceived of as a coloring book in the real world, morphed into a zombie color blaster fairly quickly when we realized that people loved interacting with virtual characters.


We had an amazing team for the task. My role on the project was as Executive Producer. As such, I assembled the team, managed the relationship with Crayola (very supportive and helpful folks), and gave many “notes” to the production staff. Legacy’s wonderfully creative producer and designer, Andrew Duncan, combined with the rather miraculous engineering of HitPoint Studios and artistic capabilities of Sixth Gear Studios, all came together for a wild six months of constant experimentation and failures, with a few striking successes, culminating in our launch today.


How lucky am I, to be able to do what I love for so many years, and then to experience this kind of career high? It’s the career arc that everyone dreams of, and energizes me to go out there and find the next challenging project. Any suggestions?