A Family Affair – Creating the Trailer for Crayola Color Blaster

I love the trailer for our new Tango game, Crayola Color Blaster. While it doesn’t actually explain how the game works, it communicates a couple of things really clearly – it takes place in your real environment, you have to move around…a lot, and most importantly, it’s fun to play.

When you are a small company like Legacy, you make use of all the resources you have at your disposal. I am happy to report that it was all hands on deck in the creation of Crayola Color Blaster’s trailer.

  • Adam McClelland, daughter Rachel’s long-time boyfriend and talented filmmaker, shot and edited the trailer, dragging his unwieldy and expensive camera equipment to LA from NY.
  • Most of the gameplay footage was shot in my home in Los Angeles. (I should have cleaned up a bit beforehand!)
  • The trailer stars two of my grandchildren, Jude (7) and Teddy (5), who are the first two kids you see. The big kid, Leah, is my grown up daughter who likes to play games like her momma.
  • Our local recreation center, at Highland Park, was very supportive and allowed us to test and shoot 15 kids. Some of the kids are from there. Their gameplay feedback was incredibly important, especially on complicated interface issues.

Anyway, like everything else with this project, creating the trailer was really fun. Thank you everyone!