More Virtual Creatures to Chase and Be Chased!

 Today, Legacy is announcing an updated version of its unique augmented reality game, Crayola Color Blaster. A new story and content pack, complete with dragons, fairies, ogres, hydras, gnomes, will be joining the original zombie color crunchers. And by popular demand, an arcade mode has been added that requires less walking around, thus making it easier to play in a small space.

– Run from cartoony creatures as they follow you, then paint them with your Crayola Color Blaster!

– Get up close and personal with life-sized zombies, dragons, fairies, ogres, hydras, gnomes, and more!

– Defeat the wacky, rhyming Professor before he steals all the color from the world!

– Face endless waves of fantastic creatures in Arcade Mode and beat the high score!

– Tango’s world-sensing technology scans your environment and transforms it with virtual flowers, rocks, treasure chests, and more!